World’s First FLNG Relocation – The Final Jigsaw
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Syamsulzaidi SAIFUZZAMAN Johan Khalil Mas'od

PETRONAS Floating LNG (PFLNG) SATU has set another industry milestone as a pacesetter for relocatable floating LNG by proving its technology concept. The project had been successfully executed to deliver a safe and successful relocation of PFLNG SATU from Kanowit Field, Sarawak to Kebabangan Field, Sabah, and subsequently achieved the first LNG drop seamlessly within the approved budget cost and zero HSE incident. This presentation will share the best practices adopted to realize the ultimate project objectives of monetizing the gas molecules at Kebabangan field in 12 months duration from project sanctioning to PFLNG1 SATU recommissioned, liquefaction, storage, and first LNG cargo offloading at the new field. The sharing will highlight the journey from project initiation, conceptual design and followed by the offshore execution phase which will cover front end loading activity, integrated work planning, design optimization, procurement strategy which exhausted various types of tendering modes, securing government and regulatory body approval for timely execution, stakeholder management, and offshore execution efficiency. Through great synergy and collaborative effort between owner, consultant, supplier, and contractor, it proved that the right front-end planning and work processes have contributed to significant project achievement where the project scope has been optimized effectively to simplify the execution of works, subsequently to meet the stretch project duration. With the right front-end approach, even the project cost estimate was reduced by half of its initial proposal. As this is the first FLNG relocation project for the first floating LNG in the world, PETRONAS has reacted proactively to remain competitive and agile to sustain in this ever-challenging industry by providing continuous improvement and offering advanced technology innovation which could benefit the whole industry for greater success.

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