An Innovative Solution for Enabling the Development of Stranded Deepwater Discoveries
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM
Brian Jarrell

There are numerous stranded deepwater discoveries that are either too small to justify a standalone development or too far from a host platform to be developed with conventional subsea tieback technologies. This presentation outlines an innovative solution that will enable the commercial development of many currently stranded oil discoveries up to 100 km from a host platform using only proven technologies. The solution consists of an autonomous, remotely operated semisubmersible platform moored over subsea wells, tied back to a host platform with a single, thermally managed flowline. The semisubmersible provides power, chemicals and controls for the tieback. Power generation options are intended to minimize carbon emissions that includes a close moored wind turbine option. The presentation describes system components and demonstrates its commercial viability by a case study. The proposed solution provides the following novel and attractive features: - enables sanction of stranded liquid discoveries up to 100 km from a host with proven technologies - utilizes synergies between oil, gas and renewable technology - improves HSE as platform is normally unattended with reduced carbon footprint - has the flexibility to adapt to reservoir and regional conditions - can be repurposed for multiple deployments.

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