Offshore Platform Electrification with Floating Power Station (FPS) towards Upstream Sustainability
Date & Time
Thursday, June 9, 2022, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Md Afifuddin Daud

As PETRONAS pledges commitments toward Net Zero Carbon Emissions (NZCE) by 2050, electrification of offshore platform power needs comes under highlight. High CO2 emissions from low efficiency open cycle gas turbines for both on-board power generation and product compression are among key areas that could be addressed towards more sustainable development. Strategies are explored towards electrification efforts to reduce carbon emissions and cost as well as enabling the addition of reliable renewable energy (RE) to the energy mix. Whilst proven for nearshore, Floating Power Station (FPS) is envisaged as a potential solution either as a centralized power hub or dedicated power supplier for the offshore environment. Such a concept is strategically positioned to power a cluster of platforms with higher efficiency power generation utilizing combine cycle gas turbine or gas engine generator and N+1 configuration supported by energy storage system. FPS provide cost efficiency with fit for purpose operation against the production and corresponding demand profile. It also promotes sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions of approximately 30% or more. The non-utilized gas will have opportunity to be monetized by the asset owner. Provision for integration with renewable energy such as offshore wind farm and storage system would further enhance total system efficiency while providing stability to the intermittent off-grid RE supply. Addressing the concept as a total solution, this presentation also discusses the impact to the user platform due to electrification. Different commercial models are evaluated which could be used to position this concept as an attractive solution to meet NZCE target. Evaluation of the solution will also include challenges as well as the potential areas of optimization to make this concept more attractive and robust for widespread adoption.

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