Design One - Build Many: Why the Offshore Floating Wind Industry Needs to Look Like a Ford Model T Lot
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Shiladitya Basu

The offshore hydrocarbon industry builds Cadillacs. It looks for efficiency in every component for a bespoke design for developing reservoirs. Each field development plan is customized to extract the maximum value based on water depth, reservoir fluids, and operator preference. While it works for its intended purpose, offshore floating wind developments demand a completely different mindset, a la Model T. While the wind profile and availability are unique to each farm, the sheer scale of procurement, fabrication, installation, and maintenance requirements during the life of the farm means customizations along the lines of offshore hydrocarbon developments are non-starter. Unlike the offshore hydrocarbon fields, offshore wind farms are similar to utilities rather than production factories. Thus, some inefficiency is expected to meet the minimum contracted supply to the power grids. This presentation will discuss a holistic approach, starting with the top-level wind farm requirements and provide decision paths to more granular requirements. It will provide a methodology to systematically drill down to a level just right to design, procure, fabricate, install and operate a large-scale wind farm successfully. The presentation will discuss and incorporate BP’s extensive history of developing mega capital projects across the globe and the lessons learned from them to initiate, plan, execute, and operate the mega wind farms of the future.

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