Floating LNG: From Drawing Block to World's Megastructure
Date & Time
Thursday, June 9, 2022, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Yussoff Ir. Ts. Ikhwan

The Petronas floating LNG (FLNG) concept was envisaged to monetize stranded gas resources within the Asia-Pacific region. The two Petronas FLNG floaters PFLNG1 and PFLNG2, which operate to monetize gas resources offshore Malaysia, have increased the country’s LNG production capacity. The advantages of FLNG as a solution include monetizing stranded gas fields and mitigating flaring/venting during the production phase. Extensive technology selection exercises were conducted to finalize the FLNG floater turret mooring, gas treating, liquefaction, LNG cargo containment, and offloading systems. Specific offshore and marine technology requirements enabled the transfer of conventional LNG plants to the offshore environment in the form of FLNG. This presentation will highlight the Petronas FLNG journey from project initiation and conceptual design to the operation phase. Some key issues and challenges faced throughout the developments will be covered. This presentation also will review the future of FLNG as a viable option for any gas field requiring a quick solution.

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